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In 2017, five-star catering was introduced, but since 2007, we have been employed in 
this industry, meaning that we have a great deal of expertise in the catering industry. 
Therefore, if you are only starting out or if you have been operating for a long time, you will surely benefit from our experience. For over the last 3 years, we have been delivering commercial  kitchen  facilities around the UK and across the world.
Based in the Geordie City of Newcastle, Five Star Catering Equipment is quickly growing to become the North East’s leading supplier of temporary and permanent modular kitchens, and commercial catering equipment.
All of our staff are vastly experienced with an extensive knowledge of the equipment that supplying. We have a wide variety of commercial kitchen equipment to a wide variety of customers, not only in the Northeast but throughout the UK.
All this experience means that you are in safe hands when procuring catering equipment through Five Star, as you can rely on our extensive knowledge, resources and expert staff when specifying and attaining your new kitchen equipment.
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