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Grill Brush

Grill Brush

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Grill brush features a sturdy, wooden handle and body that is comfortable in the hand. The bristles themselves are made from a durable metal that allow you to effortlessly cut through grime

  • Wooden handle
  • 5 rows of strong bristles
  • Keeps grills clean


A grill brush is a must have a practical tool used to clean your barbecue before and after every use. A grill brush sees the most wear of any barbecue accessory due to the buildup of grease and grime on the grids, to the heat and the elements if left outside. Add in the back and forth roughness of scraping your grill and you get a worn down brush with bristles that can crack, warp, and shed all over your BBQ.

Point blank, if your grill brush is in bad condition, then it naturally won’t serve its purpose. Broken bristles can dislodge and stick to the grids, often going unnoticed; this can catch on any food and is a hazard. In today’s post we will discuss the tests and safety measures to take when using a BBQ brush; because it’s always great to be prepared!

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