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GGF Italian Dough Roller 16"

GGF Italian Dough Roller 16"

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Pizza dough rollers are an extremely popular method of saving time in todays busy pizzerias. They quickly roll out dough balls into thin discs and you simply add your toppings. The rollers are adjustable offering you a variable thickness for different sized bases. The pizza dough roller has proved to be a essential piece of equipment for any serious pizzeria. All our dough rollers come with a 12 months parts only warranty as standard.

GGF Italian dough rollers are the most popular dough rollers in the country, offering excellent quality at a low price. These Italian dough rollers are made entirely of stainless steel and the rollers are fitted with perspex guards to protect your staff. The rollers themselves are made from a high density polypropylene, ensuring a long life. The rollers are continuously cleaned by spring loaded scrapers.


Dimensions: 590 x 510 x 760mm
Warranty: 12 Months Parts
Output Capacity: 16" / 400mm
Max Dough Weight: 700g
Adjustable Rollers: 0mm - 5mm
Foot pedal as standard: Yes
Net Weight: 44kg

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