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Creme Pastry Knife 19 cm - 91172

Creme Pastry Knife 19 cm - 91172

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Code: 91172
Blade Dimensions: Width: 45mm Length: 190mm Thickness: 3mm

Steel Specs: 

Origin: France
Grade: DIN 1.4116

Hardness: 54 ± 1 HrC

Handle Type: ABS + Aluminum Rivets

Blade Type: Straight Edge


Use and Care Instructions

- Please wash, rinse and dry your Pirge Knife gently before first and after each use
- Please wash your Pirge Knife by hand to avoid any corrosion or damage can be caused by the dishwasher
- Carry your Pirge Knife carefully to avoid any type of injury
- Use your Pirge Knife on proper surfaces like polyetilene or wood cutting board, avoid using on marble, stone or metal surfaces to protect the edge
- Pirge Knives can be re-sharpened with Pirge Sharpening Steels for a longer life time of the cutting edge.
- Don’t use your Pirge Knife to open cans or to crack nuts

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